29 Sept 2009


If you are a freelance photographer or thinking of becoming one - this sums it up perfectly in the current economic climate. It is very funny but with some swearing. You've been warned.

28 Sept 2009


Lifestyle photography has always been a bit of a buzz word in photography. It is difficult to define and even more difficult to shoot well yet clients actively want it shot yet what exactly is lifestyle photography? And what defines a good lifestyle photo over a more traditional shot and is the former more saleable. As a stock photo goes real people in real life situations is something I'm getting asked to shoot more and more (as long as I get model releases). This picture above is a good example of a more contemporary lifestyle shot. Two ladies having a coffee in a trendy cafe. It is a bit of mysterious picture mainly due to the dark green sofas and subdued wallpaper but there is something about it that is a bit different. Will it make a sale over a more standard shot. Time will tell.

27 Sept 2009


I've been a photographer for, let me think, about 18 years now. Up until now it's all be quite straighforward. You got a job, you went out and photographed it to the best of your ability - then you got paid and then the tax man took a huge chunk of your profits! And in the early days the tax man got a large wad because most half decent photographers made a good living - including me. You sorta knew where you stood. But I must admit that at this point in my career I've never been more confused. Do I continue shooting stock for Getty when sales have been falling and will do so for some time. Do I channel more energy in trying to market my photoshelter site to generate more stock sales where 100% (not 30%) of the fee goes in my pocket? Do I try and get more editorial clients when newspapers and magazines are struggling so much? Do I venture into the online twitter, facebook, arena to try and create a bigger web presence? Do you do all 4 and then spread yourself too thinly and end up not focusing on anything? Do I get a job in a bar!? If you are reading this expecting an answer you might be disappointed. On the one hand it is all very exciting and on the other quite scary. You have someone like Chase Jarvis who is an online sensation and has done a great job of getting himself out there but, and he might also admit this, probably isn't the best photographer in Seattle but is certainly one of the richest. Is it really all about perception and marketing?
If you start seeing pictures of cocktails on this blog you will know I went and got myself a job in a bar!

25 Sept 2009


I've only just returned from an assignment in Hamburg Germany. It wasn't a long job - only four days and it was shot for the December issue of the magazine which was quite challenging considering it was September! My brief was to make sure every shot I took made it look like Christmas. Very tough when the sun was shining for the whole job and most people were in shorts and T-shirts. But magazines work so far in advance these day that there are common problems for photographers. I think I did a pretty good job and when you look at all the photos it looks quite wintery. I even found a christmas decoration. CLICK HERE to check out the pictures.

23 Sept 2009


After doing a bit of travel stock bashing a couple of days ago in the post below I'm feeling a renewed sense of purpose again. Got a call today from a client wanting two year rights to 23 of my photos and got £5K for those so a good day. It doesn't happen every day and I don't even think the photos are great but they like them so that's the main thing. The photo above is not one of them but it was taken in the same country. I just happen to like the one above. For more of my work go to www.carlpendle.com

21 Sept 2009


It is a real dilemma as a travel photographer of what to do in today's photography market. The fact is that the market for travel material is saturated for the boring bog standard work that's been done to death but there is still a good market for the natural lifestyle work involving real people and this photograph above illustrates that. It is a fun portrait of a lady with a big personality and, what seems, a pretty healthy, positive outlook on life - and advertisers like pictures like these. On one hand I do all my travel jobs for my clients to the best of my ability but on the other I have to be on the look out for opportunities for stock photos while on these jobs that I can sell later. It would be mad of me not to. So I look out food pictures to place with my food libraries, I try and hunt out good backgrounds that I could use for concept shots that I could use as backgrounds in photoshop and then I'm trying to find good people lifestyle shots that might also sell well as stock. There is a big BUT and it applies to the above image. I failed to get a model release which effectively means this fun image is unsaleable. Schoolboy error but we all make them and it is really tough stopping everyone you take a photo of and ask them for a release. The only plus is that I'm quite sure I could track this lady down. It was a small town and this lady kinda stands out! I'll let you know.

18 Sept 2009


I'm normally very critical of my work. Very rarely do I think that any image really stands out as anything special but I'm quite proud of this shot of a turtle coming ashore on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was about 3am and I couldn't sleep so stepped outside my beach villa to take a look at the moon and spotted this turtle having a nap. I set up the tripod and took a variety of pictures being very careful not to wake him up (no flash was used in this shot). And viola here is it. Hope you like it as well. CLICK HERE for the link to this and other pictures from Hawaii

17 Sept 2009


I've just posted all my favourite shots from my recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Above is a screen shot of the photos so please click on the link here if you'd like to see more of them in detail. I'll let the images do the talking.

9 Sept 2009


Hawaiians are quite rightly passionate about their islands. What is not to like. Year round sunshine, unless you live in Hilo which is pretty much year round rain, an abundance of the freshest most exotic fruit you can imagine, zero pollution and a laid-back attitude to life. Here's a couple of pictures of people who let me take a picture of their tattoo. This is a bit of a difficult one as approaching someone to ask to take a picture of their tattoo they can get a bit offended. "What's wrong with my face." was a reply I got once. Not these two who were happy to pose and probably grateful for not being able to recognize them. The images also work great as a side-by-side montage.

8 Sept 2009


Just come back from spending a week on the Big Island of Hawaii on a Food & Travel shoot for magazine here in the uk. It went very well. I know this probably sounds quite glamourous but it is a lot of hard work that goes in to getting a good set of pictures the art editor will be happy with. And if you don't come back with the goods that will be the last assignment you do for them so a bit of pressure. It's a long way to go to come back with rubbish. Luckily Hawaii is blessed with the most glorious light and a beautiful place which made my job a lot easier. I'll be posting some more shots over the next few days for those who might be interested. I got really lucky with a turtle so very excited about posting that one.