23 Nov 2009


Just ordering my christmas cards today and finally uploaded them to moo.com so looking forward to getting those in the next few day.

15 Nov 2009


My new 27inch imac computer arrived this week. And I must say it is a bit of a beast. It is quite difficult getting used to being a few inches away from a screen you'd normally sit 12 feet away watching tv. It really is not much difference from sitting in front of my tv. I switched to a mac laptop last year after having used pcs all my life. Must admit to having struggled a bit with the switch as didn't think it was as easy as people make out. So while I still love my macbook it really is not powerful enough to cope with large picture files and video so am hoping the 27inch well speed things up a bit. I also needed to upgrade the dell monitor I had plugged into the macbook to work from so it was a not brainer to upgrade the computer and a screen at the same time.

10 Nov 2009


Over the last two years I've been photographing some of the big summer events in the uk. These were all commissions from various editorial and commercial clients. The events ranged from the Cartier Polo to the Henley Regatta and Goodwood races. The pictures above are just a few from these jobs. To see the 50 or so I've uploaded to my website CLICK HERE
What interesting is that I've cropped in quite close to these shots to show that you don't need to always have wide angle pictures to get a feeling for what's going on. It helps that photographing some of these great british events this summer was that the british public are great to photograph.

9 Nov 2009


I know cat photos are done to death and another cute cat picture is enough to put you off cats for life. Hopefully my cat pictures are a bit different. For one, most of them were taken in Asia where cats have a tough life. They live off the streets and have to fend for themselves. This gives the cat photos a grittiness that are worlds away from the cute pictures we are used to seeing. After living 5 years in Asia I accumulated quite a few cat pictures from my travels. So many in fact that there is almost enough for a book. I self-published a mock up and sent it to a very publishers in a hope they could see its potential but got a few rejects with the answer that the pictures weren't cute enough. Typical hey! To see more CLICK HERE