23 Feb 2012


Last night it was the 2011 Travel Awards ceremony hosted by the Italian Tourist Board at the Vanilla club in London and I won the 'Best Travel Photography' section for my photographs on the Basilicata district of Southern Italy. The piece was written by the excellent travel writer David Gerrie. So very pleased for everyone who worked on the piece and the wonderful Food & Travel Magazine who I've been working for about 7 years now. Met some great people, drank a bit too much and beat Conde Nast Traveller Magazine which is also a nice bonus!

16 Feb 2012


I've just been told that I've been nominated for Travel Photographer of the Year by the Italian Tourist Board for this set of pictures that appeared in Food and Travel magazine. So quite pleased at the moment. The awards ceremony is in London on the 21 Feb at Vanilla so will be going along and keeping my fingers crossed.