29 Nov 2012


While this photo montage is a bit gruesome and not very foody it is in my top 10 of food photographs I've ever taken which is a bit odd considering I spent a lot of my time making food look as appetising as possible. I guess part of the appeal is that I've always been a huge fan of street photography and photojournalism and this appeals to me on that level. I also like the fact that you can't see the butchers face yet the pigs is dangling, half on, down my his side. As I said, it is a bit gruesome.

26 Nov 2012


Finally got around to sorting out this years Christmas card. It's a bit different and went for a red and green letters theme. Would like to say a big thank you to this FLICKR GROUP  whose letters and numbers I borrowed for the card under the creative commons license. And especially Leo Reynolds where all but two of the pictures were his. A truly incredible amount of letters in his portfolio.

8 Nov 2012


Over the summer I went to Devon and while the weather was pretty terrible most of the time I was there I managed to grab this picture as a ray of light created this rainbow amongst the rain. I've added textures and played around with it in photoshop to create this here.

7 Nov 2012


Last week I was on a shoot in Majorca and while out and about saw this lone ship in the bay where I was photographing. I thought the sky and light would make a lovely shot and this is what I got.