14 Dec 2012


This is for all those restaurants and chefs who've been on the wrong end of a critics or bloggers review.  Being a food and lifestyle photographer I've seen first hand just how hard the food industry work. While not all deserve glowing reviews there are some critics who sensationalise their experience as entertainment just to sell newspapers, magazines or get more hits rather than a true reflection on the restaurant or chef. And in this current economic climate a bad review can kill a business.

13 Dec 2012


This is one of my favourite shots from my weekend in Brighton. It is a classic shot of the pier nothing original from this shot but once I chucked it into photoshop and added a few of my favourite textures then it has come alive.


This is one of three pictures I took on Brighton beach over the weekend. This is the old pier which is now falling apart and slowly rusting in the sea. Shame but it does make for a stunning picture. I've added a few textures in photoshop to produce something a bit different. Let me know if you want a print of this.


Went to Brighton over the weekend to shoot a video (to come) and it was one of those glorious cold wintery December days and Brighton beach looked glorious. Rough sea, piercing blue sky, no fog (not that you get much in Brighton) and decided to take a panorama of the pier. Then brought that into photoshop and added about 5 or 6 layers of texture to get what you see here which looks a bit painterly. 
Hope you like it. And if anyone wants to buy a print please get in contact carl@carlpendle.com