27 Jul 2012


I was on a shoot this week down in Weymouth and this man walks into the restaurant I was photographing and orders a coffee. I noticed the tattoo on his leg that said, 'Only God Can Judge Me' and took a few shots and thought it would make an interesting picture. I played with it a bit and decided to add a shot of the Bible. I thought his Nike trainers and Polo shorts juxtoposed well with his tattoo and the Bible.

26 Jul 2012


I've a water client who wants some shots of water in nature and here's some shots I've taken of plants covered in morning dew. These were taken with the fantastic Canon 100mm macro lens which is one of my favourite lenses. 


I'm very lucky to photograph top hotels and restaurants as part of my job and I'm often asked to photograph food at its most perfect. So it's nice to photography something quite ugly as a contrast to what I normally shoot. And it doesn't get much uglier then these carrots I grew in my garden.