31 Mar 2012


Yesterday I was on an interior shoot for Real Homes. It was to shoot a bathroom that was designed and installed by Ripples.

It didn't take long to do so went for a walkabout and took this picture of an old house. Rather quaint.

12 Mar 2012

BE 100

I saw this is in a shop window in London. It is a great quote by Woody Allen.

1 Mar 2012


On Sunday the Singapore Tourist Board asked me to photograph three chefs at Pollen Street Social as part of their Singaporean inspired dinner event. And three chefs don't come much more highly acclaimed than Jason Atherton (Pollen Street Social), Claude Bosi (Hibiscus) and Sat Bains (Restaurant Sat Bains). 

I photographed the event for the STB but I managed to capture a few shots of the chefs with a quick photograph facing the camera. I rattled a few frames off then noticed Sat blowing a kiss at Claude and thought it would make a fun gif which is what you see above. They clearly know each other well and the banter between them was a lot of fun to hear. 

I just hope they take this post in good humour as well!!


It has finally arrived. The Canon 5D Mark III will be announced on the 1st March and officially released on the 2nd March at venues all around the world but mainly in Asia. It has been a long time coming and with the huge success of the 5d Mark II it has big shoes to fill. Everyone is predicting what will be in this new version but I'm just hoping for better quality footage, better monitoring of audio and a decent codec to be able to edit without the needless transcoding, which, quite frankly, is a pain in the arse. Not asking for much but let's just see if they get rid of H.264 and have something I can edit with straight out of the camera. I wouldn't complain or moan at a few nice surprises like full HD slow motion but somehow I doubt that is going to happen with this chip. Let's wait and see.