9 Sept 2010


 Rolls-Royce very kindly let me do a short time-lapse movie of their assembly line. It is just an amazing site to see these incredible cars come together. And it is not a quick process, as only 15 cars are produced per day of the Phantom and Ghost models at the Goodwood plant. But at about £165,000 for the Ghost and £235,000 for the Phantom what do you expect.

The time-lapse was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II at various setting depending upon the light in the factory. I mainly used the 24-105mm lens which did an excellent job. I also shot a bit of video of the Spirit of Ecstasy popping out of the car at the beginning and end. The music is Royalty Free.

At about the 1.20 mark you will see the start of a 360 degree panorama that I shot with the GoPro attached to an egg-timer!


Being a photographer I never really gave much thought to audio, why would I. But since shooting multimedia and videos for clients audio has become a big part of what I do. Now I’m no expert but have had a bit of guidance from Ben at DUCKRABBIT so I know a little. The problem is of how to best record the audio while shooting. A lot of DSLR video shooters probably have heard of the excellent Zoom H4 and it’s little brother the H2, but this week it looks like stocks of the smaller and more compact H1 are now in stock. I’ve not read any reviews but if they are as good as the H4 or H2 (which I currently use) then I’m not going to be disappointed. 

3 Sept 2010


Wherever your take on the BBC they’ve just come up trumps for anyone shooting with the latest dslr cameras, more specifically, the Canon 5D Mark II. Before today you had to own a rather impressive and very expensive video camera to submit footage to the beeb  but now they are getting all gooey over the 5D and have said that shooting with one for some of their programmes might be acceptable. I don’t know the details of this but thought I’d give you the link where I read it and hope that it is true. STOP PRESS. With a bit of further digging they are now being a bit weary but this link tells you a bit more but it still looks positive. CLICK HERE