25 May 2012


This is my mate James Miller from MMFilm. We did a job together this week in London shooting President Clinton and Will.I.Am at an event. James is very well known for his 'whacking' filming techniques (SEEN HERE) that seems the talk of twitter and vimeo right now. It's tough to explain in detail what it is all about but the above link will give you a good idea.

While we were filming at the event Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas and The Voice came up to James to ask him what he was doing. I reckon James will be doing his next music video!

23 May 2012


Bill Clinton and Will.I.Am                                   Photo by www.carlpendle.com

Today I was in London at an event photographing Bill Clinton and Will.I.Am for the Rumi Foundation as well as the Clinton Foundation. I also wasn't aware that Will.I.Am also does a lot of charity work.  Bill gave a very inspiring speech and Will.I.Am looked as cool as he normally does. 

8 May 2012


I was in Turkey last week and I thought I'd share a shot of a picture of me taking a picture! I was going to title this post the 'Tortures of a Travel Photographer' but as you can clearly see I'm lying down on the most comfortable cushion in the world. Only wish I could take this on all shoots. As it happens I'm not a fan of the final shot as the composition is all wrong and it's not a pretty dive but thought it was funny when my travel companion on this job, food writer Michael Raffael, sent me his picture of me this morning.


I've just got back from an assignment in Turkey shooting lifestyle food and travel photography for a magazine here in the uk. I've just edited down the pictures now before uploading them to the editor for their final choices which I shall photoshop. Before I do I just wanted to post one of my favourite pictures from the trip. It was a man minding his own business in his shop and he caught me taking a picture of him. Most of the time I immediately pull the camera down but I thought I'd carry on shooting while he was wondering what I was up to and got something I quite like.