17 Jan 2010


Don't ask me what it is about this image that I like but I just do. Maybe it is the regimented nature of the square or the random nature of the door numbers or that each door number is someone's house and behind it lies people's lives - I don't know and you probably don't care but I just like this image. Out of all the pictures I've taken this has probably taken me the longest time and has been the most dangerous - as strange as that may seem. These days in the super wary, on guard, there is a terrorist lurking in every dark alley people tend to be suspicious of someone taking a picture of their door number - and I sort of understand but it is only a number but I got sworn out, chased and generally got some quite unwelcome remarks at what I was doing even though I was doing nothing wrong. As a stock picture it has some potential, or at least that is what I am hoping. Home ownership is a strong concept keyword and these set of door numbers can have a number of meanings. It also has an educational element to it and it might make a good poster for a kids bedroom for parents wanting their child to learn their numbers. Here's hoping it appears in every child's bedroom! CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO LICENSE IT.

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