15 Jan 2010


I took this picture quite some time ago when in Indonesia. A lot of Asian's keep birds as pets - and they pay quite a lot of money for them. To ensure they don't escape they tie them up like this. It is incredible sad to see. To stop an animal like a bird from flying must be like putting a person in a straight jacket. So while this picture upsets me it is also one of my favourites because of the emotional tie I have with it. When I look at it and just want to reach into it and cut the rope with a knife. I hope it raises your emotions like it does mine.

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  1. Dear Carl,

    Your photograph is very moving & captivating. I share the same feeling as your's about keeping Birds as pet, it is fundamentally so wrong to keep them as prisoner, just for the sake of pleasure.

    I also would like to thank you personally, as I have used this photo in my Blog Post "We are the Prisoners & We are the Guards". I hope you dont mind.

    I have mentioned your name & have provided the link of your Blog in the acknowledgement, to convey my thanks & to provide the rightful credit for this moving photograph, taken by you.

    The link for the blog post:

    Best Wishes,