19 Nov 2013


This is my latest food video from a recent trip to Lithuania. Lithuanian Sakotis Cake is a very popular traditional cake from this Baltic country and is often eaten at weddings, Christmas and other celebrations.

The origins of the dish are a little sketchy but it seems probably that it originated in Eastern Europe/Baltics. It a very simple dish where batter is poured over a metal cylinder that rotates over a wooden fire causing peaks of cake mixture to form.

Each country has their own name and recipe for the dish but the ingredients of eggs, sour cream, sugar, butter and flour are fairly consistant.

I came across this dish on a food and travel photography job in August and thought this cake would make a great little video.

I'd like to thank WWW.LITHUANIA.TRAVEL for organising the trip, WWW.FOODANDTRAVEL.COM for commissiiong me to go, the writer on the trip WWW.CLARISSAHYMAN.CO.UK who helped me with the captions and, of course, the bakery  in Ignalina WWW.ROMNESA.LT who let me film the wonderful Maryte.

For photography geeks this was all filmed on the Panasonic GH3, one lens and it was all hand held.

Hope you enjoy it.

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