11 Jan 2010


Being a photographer I generally don't do illustrations. One because I mainly use photoshop and illustrator is foreign to me and I don't fancy learning yet another program (I struggle to keep up with photoshop) but I want to create a good stock image to tried to visually get across the rising costs of medical care. We all know how expensive medical cover is in America and it is only a question of time before the NHS struggles to cope and the government will issue some kind of top up NHS tax so an image that shows a heart monitor and a pound sign (I also did one with a dollar sign) I thought might sell quite well. I hunted round all my medical centres near me but none had a heart rate monitor I could photograph so just had to make one up in photoshop which wasn't that hard. I sent it to getty and then today when I had a look at the keywords they had associated with this image it was all about the stock market. So either my image is visually confusing or the getty keyword team is doing a poor job. I'll email them to see why. In the meantime if you like this image and like to license it go to my getty stream CLICK HERE

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