18 Aug 2009


Now this is a bit different but I love this sort of stuff. It's called TTV (through the viewfinder) photography and its when you use a digital camera to photograph the viewfinder of an old waist-level camera. In this case a Kodak Brownie reflex that cost me £3. Because it's old and beaten up and there's years of dust accumulated in the camera it creates these Holga or Diana camera type pictures. But being digital it is a lot easier than mucking about with the problems associated with Holga's and their light leaks and unpredictable nature. With this it is just a case of pointing your camera at the viewfinder of the old camera. It does look a bit odd as you take the picture and you get a lot of weird stares but stay with it as the results look great. I've only taken one or two pictures so far and this one of my daughter is a bit rough and her expression isn't great but you get the idea. Give it a go.

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